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Advantage Properties

Advantage Properties was looking for a way to both freshen their image and reduce overhead. We built a number of backend tools to help them process new applicants as well as ways to quickly and easily update their properties all in a nice new package.

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Korora Penguin

Korora also describes a small blue penguin.

While the technical term is Eudyptula minor, Korora is the Maori name for the 10" tall bird. This smallest of penguins can be found in many places around New Zealand and also in parts of Southern Australia. The plumage is slate-blue with a bright white belly.

These blue penguins breed underground in burrows or natural holes, although they will make use of human crafted spaces as well if they have a chance.

Near human habitation, it is not uncommon to find them nesting under buildings (particularly bars & pubs), stacks of timber or even railway tracks. Blue penguins are very faithful to their home site with chicks often returning to within a few yards of where they were raised and never moving away.

Although quite common, its small size and unusual habits make it rarely seen, but occasionally felt ...much like ourselves.